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Nadia Sharif Featured Guest @thenadia33

Nadia Sharif believes dance is the language of the soul. One must first learn words in order to form sentences and then use those phrases to create stories. Finding the vocabulary to describe your being may take longer than a weekend… but with the right guidance and practice everyone’s freedom of expression can be found.

Nadia has traveled all over the globe as an elite pole dance instructor. She is known and admired for her unique and innovative style, memorable performance qualities and her detailed teaching techniques. Nadia invented the instructional method now known as Nadia’s Twisted Intensive. As a former electrical engineer, she approaches teaching from scientific perspective, allowing students to gain knowledge and understanding of the study of motion through various practices, exercises, games and discussions. Nadia’s goal as an instructor is to leave her students with an abundance of information and techniques that encourage them to create and hone their personal styles.

Suwasit Featured Guest

In the ever-changing world of Pole and Aerial Arts, Suwasit Ritthiphon is considered the person that professionals go to for proven results. Since 1997, Suwasit has successfully maintained a performance and competition career as well as an in-demand teaching, coaching, and choreography business.

This endearing Artist performs and presents in a class entirely of his own, with a style that is both sensual and dynamic. Suwasit is indeed part of Sin City’s remarkable landscape and history, a true Las Vegas icon as the Strip’s first male pole dancer, as well as the reader’s choice ‘Vegas Sexiest Butt 2012’ for QVegas Magazine.

His extensive dance background with Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo (So You Think You Can Dance, Mariah Carey ‘Caesar’s Palace’), Missy Cochran (Michael Jackson ‘Live’), Paul Franklin (EFX at the MGM), and Stephan Miermont (‘O’ Cirque du Soleil), gives Suwasitan insight into being a cutting-edge choreographer.

As an Artist, he has performed in the multi-million dollar production ‘SPLASH’ (Riviera Hotel and Casino), and was the Featured Artist in ‘AZURE’ (Silverton Hotel and Casino). Suwasit’s awards range from PARAGON International Pole Dance champion, seven time U.S. medalist, and winner of Pole Video of the Year.

Mr. Ritthiphon has been and is currently a specially contracted expert for International Pole Convention, Pole Expo, and Aerial Expo. His work has been featured in shows including Cirque du Soleil’s MJ ONE, The Immortal World Tour, Zumanity, LIGHT Night Club, Franco Dragone’s Taboo (Macau), Fantasy Show, Pin Up Show, Zombie Burlesque, X Burlesque Show, X Rocks Show, Surrender Night Club, XS Night Club, The PussyCat Dolls Show (Las Vegas), and Jubilee (Bally’s).

In addition to providing education to other Performers, Athletes, and Artists, Suwasit broadens his craft with private specialty continuing education through one-to-one sessions with Jenyne Butterfly (1st US Pole Dance Champion), Christopher Harrison (Antigravity Yoga), and Delphine Gaillard (Flexibility Coach, Shine Alternative Fitness).


www.suwasit.com @Suwasit


Jeni Janover Founder and Owner of Liquid Motion

Jeni Janover is the founder and owner of Liquid Motion. She has proudly just turned 40 and lives in Connecticut with her husband and two children. An XPERT and ElevatED certified pole instructor, Jeni has an extensive background in performing and visual arts, ranging from Classical ballet to sculpture. She graduated at the top of her class in the school of Fine Arts at Syracuse University. She began her pole dancing career in 2010, and was instantly addicted. Jeni created Liquid Motion because she wanted to develop a traveling workshop series that teaches students the fundamentals of movement through basic dance theory and exploration of natural instincts.

Jeni has taught her signature workshops all over the United States, Mexico and Canada. Liquid Motion workshops are a staple at well-known events, such as the annual International Pole Convention, Pole Expo and Great Midwest Pole Dancing Convention. Jeni previously served on the Board of the AERA Dance Foundation and has judged several pole dance competitions throughout the United States. Jeni believes that knowledge and education are the keys to bringing the aerial arts to the forefront of modern culture and is excited to be a part of the ever growing pole dance community.




Amy Henderson
2010 Miss Texas Pole Star Champion BGP Mighty Grip Ambassador @AmyHenderson81

Amy Henderson definitely is a Pepper (One of a Kind) performer. She dreams of performing and sharing her knowledge of pole performing all around the world. She brings face, fierceness, strength, control and shivers every time she hits the stage. Serving C.U.N.T. (charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent) realness, you’ll be on the edge of your seat waiting to see what she will bring to the table.

Amy is a self-taught pole performer. She started in 2006 and learned from YouTube watching such stars as Josiah Grant, Alethea Austin, Felix Cane, Pantera and Jenyne Butterfly. Since then, she has competed in many competitions, gained respect from fellow artists and self -knowledge about herself as a person and performer.

Amy has been teaching since 2010 at The Girls Room and Vertical Fitness Dallas where she has touched hundreds of lives through pole. She continues her journey traveling over the country to perform, compete and train.






Amy Henderson
2010 Miss Texas Pole Star Champion BGP Mighty Grip Ambassador @AmyHenderson81

Amy was a former ballet dancer and holds Bachelor of Science from Loyola Marymount University. She discovered pole dancing by taking a class at BeSpun for her birthday in 2008. Since then, Amy has spent the past 10 years training and competing in pole dance fitness both nationally and internationally. Amy is a U.S. Pole Dance Federation Pro, the USPDF 2011 Amateur silver medalist, California Pole Dance Championship 2011 bronze medalist and creator of the flexibility training program, Bendability Fitness. After co-founding Pole Sport Organization in 2012, she’s moved to producing competitions full time. In her free time, you can find her at the pole studio, doing partner acrobatics, or trying to sit on her own head in contortion class.




www.amyguion.com @amyguion


Amy Henderson
2010 Miss Texas Pole Star Champion BGP Mighty Grip Ambassador @AmyHenderson81 www.nicolethepole.com @nicolethepole

Xpole Athlete, professional dancer & choreographer, pole historian and "twerk: technician. Torwa Joe aka Fiya Starta - named for her being "fire/hot" on the pole. She has been featured pole dancing on Lil' Wayne Concert Tours, Ludacris Performances, The Real Hosewives of Atlanta and the Braxton's Family Values. Fiya Starta is the owner of Vertical Joe's Fitness Studio Atlanta's largest facility for fitness for women and the creative director of The Sexy Circus pole dance production.





Amy Henderson
2010 Miss Texas Pole Star Champion BGP Mighty Grip Ambassador @AmyHenderson81 xpoleus.com/xpolestars/karol-helms/ @red_ke71

Growing up in the Charlotte, NC area, Karol Helms loved rollerblading, dirtbikes, and climbing trees. Typical “girly” activities were just not appealing to her. Her mother tried to get her interested in gymnastics or dance, but neither lasted for very long. She was a fearless tomboy and never let the boys out-do her in anything! Always into sports and athletics, Karol was on the track team in Junior High and most of High School. Her love of movement started when a friend talked her into trying out for the new High School dance team with her, and after venturing outside of her comfort zone, she went to tryouts with her friend. To her surprise, she secured a spot on the dance team with her friend and soon discovered how challenging dance actually was. She was immediately hooked! Soon she discovered that she loved performing and dancing was a fun way to express emotion.

Karol soon discovered pole dancing at 19 while visiting a friend who worked at a strip club. There was one lone dancer who did a few easy moves on the pole and being the first time she had ever seen “pole tricks”, she was amazed! She immediately researched online to find lessons or instruction and was astonished when she finally found Fawnia’s Pole Work Vol 1 DVD. She constructed a home made pole, self taught from the DVD at home, and immediately fell in love with pole dancing. “Its challenging, scary, and feels like flying!!”
A couple years later, after YouTube had become popular, Karol was online searching again for new pole dancing moves and people who shared her infatuation with pole. To her surprise she found a couple videos of women pole dancing. One of those women was Alena Downs. After stumbling upon her videos, Karol realized there was so much more she could learn and so many more possibilities for pole dancing. She purchased an XPole, self taught from Alena’s videos, and started posting her own videos to share. Karol diligently answered questions about moves, provided feedback to others, and showed support to new polers in any way she could. She never knew that she would inspire so many women (and men) to discover pole dancing as exercise as well as a beautiful art form.

Karol quickly became famous in the pole dance community for her incredible pole stunts and unique dance style. Attending the first USPDF National Championships in March 2009, she was inspired by so many talented ladies, and excited to meet so many fellow polers that she shared this passion with. Karol made a promise to herself that she would try out for the next competition, and put in a lot of work to be the best she could be. In the fall, she entered the USPDF East Coast Regionals and was selected as a competitor. She was so excited to have the opportunity to showcase her skills and share the stage with so many talented ladies. Training for weeks on end paid off when Karol came in 1st place and was awarded pro-status with the USPDF and the title of USPDF East Coast Champion 2009.
A couple months later, through Alethea Austin, Karol was offered a chance to design pole specific clothing catering to polers of the non-exotic persuasion with a new company by the name of Bad Kitty Pole Wear. In February, Karol, Alethea, Mina, and Estee travelled to Arizona to develop the first line of workout clothes FOR pole dancers, BY pole dancers and the PoleFit line was born! Karol is a Brand Director of the new PoleFit line by Bad Kitty as well as her own line by Bad Kitty to debut in the future.

In March 2010, Karol geared up to compete in the USPDF Pro National Championship in NYC. Taking the stage with so many talented ladies and friends in the audience, Karol was honored to be one of the competitors in this huge event. Again, her training and preparation paid off when she was awarded runner up and the title of USPDF Miss Sexy 2010. Karol travels all over North America teaching workshops at pole dancing studios and performing at various events. As an attentive instructor, Karol loves teaching others to find confidence and strength through pole dancing!





Amy Henderson
2010 Miss Texas Pole Star Champion BGP Mighty Grip Ambassador @AmyHenderson81 www.verticaljoes.com @verticaljoes

Brian Wolf, born in Colorado and now living in Los Angeles, California and is an avid pole athlete in the community. Brian begain poling in 2013, when he was introduced to pole by his mentor & coach Veronica Nichols. Brian is currently the title holder of Pacific Pole Men’s Pro Champion, 2016 National Aerial Pole Art Men’s Allstar Champion, and recently 2016 PSO Nationals People's Choice Winner. Brian has athletic training in: Pole, Hip-hop, jazz, jazz funk, vogue, burlesque, and fire dance. On top of competing Brian has also performed in numerous pole shows in California





Amy Henderson
2010 Miss Texas Pole Star Champion BGP Mighty Grip Ambassador @AmyHenderson81 www.verticaljoes.com @verticaljoes

Rihanna made it rain on her in the Pour It Up video. Her pole tricks stopped Ne-Yo dead in his tracks in a scene from She Knows. She performed on stage with Bruno Mars at the MTV European Music Awards. Thought Freida Pinto was working that pole in the Bruno Mars Gorilla video? Nope. It was her body double, the aerial phenomenon otherwise known as “Nicole ThePole.”
Nicole Williams aka Nicole “ThePole” has a media heavy resume that reads like an A-list celebrity. There are appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Access Hollywood, The Insider and Ricki Lake. She taught Nick Lachey how to pole dance on VH1, showed the crew from Cosmopolitan magazine her moves, even gave the Grammy winning gospel group Mary Mary pole dance lessons. She has appeared in Diesel’s campaign for i-d Magazine, was the first African American to create a pole dance instructional DVD series and has one of the biggest studios in Los Angeles.
Nicole’s alter ego was born in 2007 when she saw women pole dancing at a Los Angeles house party. She immediately bought a pole and taught herself tricks by watching YouTube. At the time, she was a personal trainer and co-owner of a Personal Training gym and quickly began telling clients about her newfound obsession.
A tomboy and athlete in high school, she fell in love with the fitness aspect of pole dance. Her new outlet also offered something else… the freedom to be sexy. She learned to step into her femininity, point her toes and be graceful, learn fluidity and musicality, traits she didn’t posses prior to her pole dance training.
Nicole had a vision. She believed pole dance could be a powerful movement for women and for fitness. In 2008 she opened Allure Dance and Fitness, one of LA’s pioneer pole studios. Nicole excels as an instructor because she connects with her students, she has a special gift for breaking down moves and explaining them so that anyone can understand and most of all – makes it FUN! She reminds everyone if you keep a positive mindset and “Can Do” attitude anything is possible.




nadiapoledancer.com @thenadia33 www. liquidmotionct.com @jenijano
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