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Extremes Category
Extremes - Colbie Devost_.jpg Extremes - Fierce Seductress Extremes - Meghan Elizabeth Extremes - Phoenix Extremes - Polerbella Extremes - Nikki Thadani (alternate)
Electric Chair Category
Electric Chair - Jenn Wright Electric Chair - Karma Electric Chair - Olive Avira Electric Chair - The Cheeky Warbler Electric Chair - Velocity  
Freestyle Category
Freestyle - Dez Raven Freestyle - Harley Quinn Van Wales Freestyle - Lady Ivy Freestyle - Simonne Freestyle - SunniBunni Freestyle - Emma Carter (alternate)
Incredibles Category
Incredibles - ChromeKitten Incredibles - Iron Vixen Incredibles - Jessica Bunny 
Incredibles - Rage Monster
Incredibles - Raine  
Liquid Motion Floorwork Category
Liquid Motion Floorwork - Jennifer Huff Liquid Motion Floorwork - Amber Prowl Liquid Motion Floorwork - Crystal Penegar Liquid Motion Floorwork - Erin Liquid Motion Floorwork - Gypsy Rayne Liquid Motion Floorwork - X2C (alternate)
Masters Category
Masters - Cyn Masters - Genessis Masters - Janet Stamper Masters - Siryn    
Southern Fried Curves Category
Southern Fried Curves - Amanda Jean Southern Fried Curves - Mezmerize Southern Fried Curves - Pole 4 Your Soul      
Studio Showdown Category
Studio Showdown - Alpha Vertical Fusion Studio Showdown - K Dance and Fitness Studio Showdown - Revolve Studio Showdown - Verticality Pole Fitness    
Supremes Category
Supremes - Bubbles Supremes - Lily Jade Supremes - Sami Sparkles      
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